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Chandler Scott and Max Sargent in “Doctor’s Fat Cock” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Doctor’s Fat Cock” today. Chandler Scott has come to the doctor because of a crazy night of sex. When DR. Max Sargent comes in he tells him that he thinks he blacked out the night before when he was with a couple and when he woke up he had bruises on his neck and pain in his ass. Max examines the bruises and declares he has Orally Induced Sub dermal Hematomas; otherwise known as a ‘Hickey.’

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He then has Chandler undress and he begins examining his ass. Externally everything is fine, so he puts on a glove and begins to use his finger to explore Chandler’s anal cavity. Chandler moans in pleasure and this turns Max on who declares he needs to feel inside and removes his gloves. He fingers Chandler and then starts rimming his ass. Chandler then sucks Max’s big fat cock and then Max sucks Chandler’s large cock. He then goes back to Chandler’s ass and he begins fucking him bent over the table. He then puts him on his back and fucks Chandler until he shoots his cum all over his furry body. Max pulls out and shoots his load onto Chandler’s balls.

Watch the full scene of “Doctor’s Fat Cock” at Pride Studios

Watch the full scene with Max Sargent and Chandler Scott at Pride Studios


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