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Chandler Scott, Cesar Rossi and Brendan Patrick in “Whoreders” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Whoreders” today. Chandler Scott and Cesar Rossi are getting ready to move and they are cleaning out their garage. They are arguing a bit about the amount of stuff that Chandler seems to not want to part ways with when their friend Brendan Patrick shows up to help them. Noticing the tension between the two, Brendan gets them to hug each other and he joins in. Soon none of them are concerned with the move, but rather getting down to some hot sex!

They all engage in a hot oral session sharing each other’s cocks and it ends with Brendan sucking both of them. They then move into rimming each other’s asses in a nice train on the couch and then flipping around the opposite direction. Chandler fucks Brendan first while he sucks Cesar’s cock. Cesar then rides Brendan’s cock while he sucks Chandler. They finish with Cesar fucking Chandler until all three shoot their big creamy loads.

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Watch the full scene with Chandler Scott, Cesar Rossi and Brendan Patrick at Pride Studios


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