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Cesar Rossi helps Mason Lear to release some pressure in “Pain & Pleasure” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Pain & Pleasure” today. Mason Lear has come to the Doctor because he is having pain in his groin. When Dr. Cesar Rossi comes in to exam him and asks what caused the pain, he explains that it was an intense sexual encounter he had. Intrigued, Cesar starts examining Mason by feeling around his groin. He soon discovers that Mason is hard during the exam and has him remove his pants for further examination.

In an effort to help Mason release some pressure, Cesar starts sucking his cock. Mason then sucks Cesar’s cock for a while before rimming his ass. He then fucks Cesar doggy style up on the exam table. Mason then rides Cesar’s cock up on the exam table for a while before putting Cesar on his back and fucking him again until Cesar shoots a huge load of cum. Mason pulls out and shoots his cum all over Cesar.

Watch the full scene of “Pain & Pleasure” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Mason Lear and Cesar Rossi at Pride Studios


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