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Cesar Rossi is admiring Jessie Colter’s glutes in the locker room in “Nice Glutes” at Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Nice Glutes” today. Cesar Rossi is admiring Jessie Colter‘s glutes in the locker room and asks him how he works out to get them. Jessie, not one to be shy, drops his pants to give Cesar a better view and tells Cesar he can touch. Cesar does just that and soon he has his tongue deep inside Jessie’s beautiful ass.

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Jessie then sucks Cesar and then Cesar sucks Jessie. Jessie then climbs on top of Cesar and rides his cock for a while before both go to the floor and fuck in two more positions. Eventually, Jessie has to cum and he does while Cesar is fucking him. Jessie’s cum ends up all over his chest and soon enough Cesar pulls out and blasts his load all over Jessie.

Watch the full scene of “Nice Glutes” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Cesar Rossi and Jessie Colter at Pride Studios


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