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Ceasar Camaro gets fucked by muscle hunk Jay Alexander in “Train Me” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Train Me” today. Ceasar Camaro is a boxer and has just finished his training session and is back in the locker room. Jay Alexander walks in and asks Ceasar if he would be willing to train him. Ceasar thinks it is a joke at first because, although Jay has a great body, he does not appear to be the boxer type. He tells him that he would have to have some Big Balls and a Big Cock if he wants to be trained by him. Jay responds by saying he actually does have a big cock and he grabs it through his shorts revealing it to Ceasar.

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Ceasar has him pull it out and once he sees how big it is, he drops to his knees and starts sucking it. Ceasar chokes and gags on Jay’s big dick for a while and then Jay has Ceasar bend over and he rims his ass. Ceasar wants to get fucked by Jay and Jay wastes no time in giving him what he wants. Jay fucks Ceasar long and deep in a few positions until Ceasar cannot hold back any longer and he shoots on himself. Jay then pulls his big dick out of Ceasar and blasts a huge load all over Ceasar’s ripped chest

Watch the full scene of “Train Me” at Pride Studios

Watch the full scene with Ceasar Camaro and Jay Alexander at Pride Studios


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 29, 2017

    Jay Alexander trained the fuck outta Ceasar Camaro!

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