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Hung hunk Calvin Banks welcoms Cole Claire in his long-awaited debut at CockyBoys

Cole Claire makes his long-awaited debut at CockyBoys and he’s excited because his first scene is with someone who’s his idea of a Greek god: Calvin Banks! It’s no wonder then that Cole gets a instant boner when Calvin snuggles up behind him in the mirror, undresses him kisses him on the neck and playfully manhandles him.

Calvin gets a hot surprise when he starts to rim and tease Cole’s shapely butt and Cole gets very vocal and demonstratively eager to have Calvin inside him. Calvin holds Cole tight and plows deep into him and a breathless Cole reacts to every thrust. Not only can he take all of Calvin’s rough ‘n’ tumble fucking, he wants it bad. In turn that drives Calvin to dominate him more.

He picks up Cole, tosses him on the bed and face fucks him before he gets into a 69 with Cole followed by rimming him and driving him wild again. It’s not long before Calvin spins Cole around and starts fucking him again…just as Cole wants. Calvin’s control takes another turn as he picks up Cole (with his cock still buried in him) for some mid-air fucking and lies him back down to fuck him from the side.

As Calvin holds him tight Cole erupts in a vividly intense and vocal orgasm. Cole recovers quickly to attend to Calvin’s needs by sucking him and stroking his cock until he gives him the same intense orgasm he got. Calvin’s cum rockets out but Cole manages to aim it and give himself a facial. They lie there basking in the afterglow and Cole loves the feeling. Calvin makes it official and tells him: “Welcome to Cocky Boys. Get used to it”

Watch the full scene with Cole Claire and Calvin Banks at CockyBoys


Watch the full scene with Cole Claire and Calvin Banks at CockyBoys


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