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Rod Pederson rims Bryce Evans meaty ass before fucking him in “Wet Lovers” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Wet Lovers” today. Bryce Evans & Rod Pederson have just finished their workout and are about to hit the showers. They both are pumped and showing off their muscles to each other when Bryce says that they should spice up their relationship and have sex right there in the public shower. Rod is a little hesitant at first.

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But Bryce puts on the charm and soon both are embraced kissing and groping each other. Bryce sucks Rod’s cock first and then Rod sucks Bryce. Rod then rims Bryce’s meaty ass before fucking him. They fuck in a few positions until both shoot their loads. Exhausted from the workout and hot sex, they hit the shower together at the end.

Watch the full scene of “Wet Lovers” at Pride Studios

Watch the full scene with Bryce Evans and Rod Pederson at Pride Studios


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