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Bruce Beckham gets it fast and slow from Micah Brandt in “L.A. Cruising” part 3 from Titan Men

Titan Men Released part 3 of their new movie “L.A. Cruising” ft. Bruce Beckham and Micah Brandt . A New movie from from director Jasun Mark. A furtive glance. A lock of the eyes. A knowing nod. It’s the dance strangers play as they cross paths on the street, a quiet yet carnal seduction. Follow Titan Men exclusive Bruce Beckham as he guides you through this rite of passage into manhood in L.A. Cruising…

cast: Adam RamziBruce BeckhamDakota Rivers, Jacob DurhamJeremy SpreadumsMicah BrandtTex Davidson  and Tristan Jaxx

Bruce Beckham and Micah Brandt share a mutual look back at each other that combusts when they get inside. Bruce frees his beast, prompting a “Jesus!” from the wide-eyed Micah, who falls to his knees. Bruce holds the sucker’s head down as he makes Micah choke on it, the voracious sucker gasping for air (“Beat my face with it!”) and begging for “More!” when Bruce spits in his mouth. Bruce sucks him back, then gets eaten and fucked as Micah slaps his ass. On his back, Bruce gets it fast and slow, the two then flipping as the verbal Micah moans (“Fucking take it! I’m so open for you!”)—his eyes rolling up in his head, yelling “Keep fucking me!” as he squirts.

Watch the full scene of “L.A. Cruising” part 3 at Titan Men


Watch the full scene with Bruce Beckham and Micah Brabdt at Titan Men



  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog November 1, 2017

    Micah Brandt and Bruce Beckham are some hot cock/hole hungry fuckers!

  2. LoveMen123
    LoveMen123 November 1, 2017


  3. Dennis010
    Dennis010 November 1, 2017

    Hot flip flop

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