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Brian Bonds and James Oakleigh in “The Big Tool” part 6 from Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon released part 6 from “The Big Tool” today. After getting his hole serviced by James Oakleigh, Brian bonds is ready to show off his own skills at busting ass. He starts by opening James up with his tongue, getting in deep as James relishes every flick from Brian. Brian can see that James needs more than his tongue and takes it to the next level by shoving his fingers into James’ tight ass. His fingers quickly get sucked into James’ hole until his whole fist is enveloped by flesh.

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Brian punches deep, alternating hands, as he twists and turns into the open hole in front of him. James wants it even deeper and rides Brian’s fist to achieve maximum penetration. Brian can’t resist James’ big leaky cock and sucks on it as he continues to destroy his hole from behind. James wants Brian to fist the cum out of him and lies back in a sling to let Brian use his hole even more. With a hefty fist inside of him, James lets loose a guttural moan and lets the cum fly. Brian gives James an extra bonus when he collects James’ cum and shoves it up his gaping ass.

Watch the full scene of “The Big Tool” part 6 at Club Inferno Dungeon


Watch the full scene with Brian Bonds and James Oakleigh at Club Inferno Dungeon


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