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Brent Corrigan fucks Osch Weldon’s smooth ass in “Mojave Heat” part 4 from Falcon Studios

When there’s nothing else to do but to stay out of the sun, the studs of Falcon Studios new movie ‘Mojave Heat’ will show you how it’s done. Watch eight desert hunks get down and dirty under the direction of award-winning director, Tony Dimarco. These studs are in heat and they’ll raise the temperature anywhere they go. Today Brent Corrigan finds Osch Weldon playing his guitar on the patio where the guys lock lips instantly. The hunks move it to the bedroom where they explore each other with their mouths before finishing off with Brent’s big, hard dick inside hunky Osch.

“One thing’s for sure; the heat in this desert isn’t a dry heat at all. Sit back and let the studs of ‘Mojave Heat’ get you wet, sticky, and sweaty under the scorching desert sun”

Cast : Brent CorriganOsch WeldonRyan RoseDamien NicholsJJ KnightBrett DylanKyler Ash and Carter Michaels

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Brent Corrigan finds Osch Weldon playing his guitar on the patio and instantly locks lips with the musical hunk. They quickly move it to the bedroom where they rush to get each other out of their clothes. Brent takes charge and tells Osch to suck his swollen member. Osch happily does as he’s told and bends down to give Brent what he wants. When Brent’s cock is at full capacity, he decides to open Osch’s smooth ass with his tongue. It’s exactly what Osch needs to get ready for Brent’s giant dick as he moans out and begs for more. Brent heeds Osch’s wishes and slips his dick deep into the hunky stud’s ass…

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Brent pumps hard and long until Osch wants it even deeper and rolls over onto his back. Brent gets back inside to finish the job and humps the stud beneath him until Osch groans a final grunt and lets out an eruption of warm cum all over his toned, hunky body. Brent won’t be left out of the action and pulls out to spill all over Osch’s trimmed crotch. The two studs collapse together onto the bed and kiss as they bask in the afterglow of their afternoon fun.

Watch the full scene of “Mojave Heat” part 4 at Falcon Studios


Watch the full scene with Brent Corrigan and Osch Weldon at Falcon Studios


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog February 3, 2018

    Fuckimy hot!😎

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