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Black Noir likes you to choke on his delicious 11″ Cut cock at ThugBoy

Tha hood brings you a new hot thug guy from ThugBoy today. Yo! Dis ur brotha Black Noir Born as Gemini, thugs be shittin’ bricks when dey see me on tha streets. I’m Straight and I like to be a Top. If ya wanna get wit dis thug ya’ll should know dat I’m Single. Ma skin’s Medium, hair’s Brown, as are ma eyez. I stand at 6’0″, wit my weight being 163 and tha waist at 30. I kno’ fo’ sho’ ya wanna gobble down on my delicious 11″ Cut cock, so check it out in da shoot yo!

watch more of Black Noir at ThugBoy

watch more of Black Noir at ThugBoy

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 11, 2016

    What a man! Black Noir got me ready for some good times under the tree!🎄⛄🎁

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