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Hot guy Bentley Layne creampies JJ Smitts’ hole like a pro at Chaosmen

Chaosmen released a new scene today. Bentley Layne decided he wanted to try some bottoming. I am not sure if he has on film before, but he did mention that his lady uses a toy on him and indicated that it was quite a large toy. He said, “Go big or go home!” I am not sure why he avoided getting fucked on film. He only wanted to Top in previous videos He sure liked it, so perhaps he might have had some worries about his masculinity being on display. Though he clearly has nothing to worry about.

I had him ride on JJ Smitts‘ cock so he could control the depth and speed and he did just fine. JJ jerked his hard cock and frankly, he looks like he enjoyed it a lot. As for JJ, I think I am going to put him in the Bottom category. He Tops just fine and often does eagerly in his personal life, but he does really enjoy getting fucked on camera. He seems more passive on film, perhaps because he is not sure about taking the initiative. Regardless, both guys give a stellar ending. JJ can easily nut from getting fucked, and Bentley creampies JJ’s hole like a pro.

Watch the full scene with Bentley Layne and JJ Smitts at Chaosmen

Watch the full scene with Bentley Layne and JJ Smitts at Chaosmen


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