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Arad Winwin slams Marco Montgomery’s ass for all he’s worth at CockyBoys

Starting off 2017 in a exciting way, CockyBoys presents a new scene with CockyBoys hunk, Arad WinWin and CockyBoys newcomer, Marco Montgomery. It has been so exciting to have Arad join the CockyBoys team as he has a sexy hunk physique with a dominant personality. He has created some fierce chemistry with his previous scene partners that make you want more. Well pairing Arad with Marco was definitely a good choice.

Marco has a sleek, slim body that pairs perfectly with Arad. Marco also loves to be dominated so pairing him with Arad was the best way to have an adventure both wanted. Starting off in the shower and moving to other multiple positions allowed both men to fulfil their desires with Arad dominating Marco just how he liked. With of the animal lust and heavy chemistry , these two guys had the time of their lives that ended quite too soon. With this kin of steam going on , let’s hope these guys are ready f or round 2 because we are! Welcome to CockyBoys Marco!!!

Watch more of Arad Winwin and Marco Montgomery at CockyBoys

Watch more of Arad Winwin and Marco Montgomery at CockyBoys

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