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Arad WinWin shoves his goods into Dennis West’s hole at ‘s sub site Drill My Hole released part 1 of their new series “Soap Studs” today. Drama is engulfing Dennis West ’s fashion house Salem Couture. His cunningly grand plan to win his company back involves Arad Winwin’s rock hard body and delicious cock seducing his son-in-law—but first he needs to make sure Arad has the goods. And boy does he, proven as he shoves them into Dennis’ eager hole.

Watch the free trailer of “Soap Studs” part 1 here    You can try for $1 a day is a gay porn network, which consists of nine exclusive niche sites, such as Drill My Hole, Gods Of Men, Str8 to Gay and Super Gay Hero. The network hosts more than 2000 exclusive videos and updates with new content every day. You can try the network 2 days for just one dollar a day

Watch the free trailer of “Soap Studs” part 1 here

  • Insatiable.

    • Brian Odom


      oh and do you purposely “recommend” the same article from several different sites all the time?

      • I support the blogs that give us what we enjoy and that gay porn. Albeit it may seem crazy to others, I just want to show my support. That’s important that we support, we may not have that opportunity one day.

        • Brian Odom

          Don’t get me wrong here – I just saw that this same post by Queer Fever & Queer Click you recommended as well. But I get what you’re saying. =)

          • I know, didn’t read any negative feedback in your question. I just wish I could see more comments out here for something we believe in. I know there’s more guys out there watching but never a reply unless it negative. I knew you didn’t mean anything by the question.

          • Darkhog never gives us blogs negative feedback. It gives us the stamina to continue with our blogs and it encourages others to reply en engage in social contact trough a masageboard (i mean an emty board does not invite you to respond) There is plenty of negativity going around on the internet and I personally am happy that people like Darkhog take some of their valuable time and leave a positive comment.

          • Thanks Queer King, you have something special here and it needs to be recognized, and continue to do what you and the other bloggers do.

          • And besides that…Arad Winwin is Insatiable.!!

          • Yes he is, QK!