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Antonio Miracle facefucks Martin Mazza, slapping his cock across his cheeks at Raging Stallion

Ragin Stallion released “Hung Country” part 3 today. In a country field, Martin Mazza and Antonio Miracle are stripped to the waist, engaged in a spirited round of play fighting. Gaining the upper hand, Martin grabs the front of Antonio’s tight shorts and pulls them down, revealing Antonio’s throbbing cock. They kiss passionately and beat it back to a secluded nook to get more serious. Undoing Antonio’s fly, Martin reaches in and grabs Antonio’s cock.

After playing with Antonio’s foreskin, Martin goes down and gives an intense blowjob. As he sucks on Antonio’s balls, the intense sensations make Antonio’s nipples plump and erect. Back on his feet, Antonio facefucks Martin, slapping his cock across Martin’s cheeks and thrusting deep down his throat. Putting Martin back up on the table, Antonio presses his tongue right in the center of Martin’s cheeks and lubes it up. Turning Martin over, Antonio slides his thick meat in and starts pounding. Antonio is an unstoppable dynamo, topping Martin with beastly power.

Bracing himself on the table, Martin closes his eyes and revels in the sensations of letting his ass get used. Jerking his cock, Martin pushes himself over the edge with Antonio still inside him. Pulling out, Antonio strokes his dick until he splatters thick white cum on Martin’s dick and balls.

Watch Antonio Miracle slide his thick meat in Martin Mazza at Raging Stallion


Watch Antonio Miracle slide his thick meat in Martin Mazza at Raging Stallion

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog October 30, 2016

    Antonio Miracle got some tricks for Martin Mazza!

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