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Muscle hunk Andy Star rides Max Duro hard and fast in “Perfect Strangers 2” from Men at Play

Men at Play released “Perfect Strangers 2” today. Maybe it’s in the men’s room of a crowded train station. Maybe it’s in a coffee shop afterhours. Maybe it’s among the stacks of a dusty library crowded with sacred, old books. Or, in the case of Max Duro and Andy Star, maybe it’s in a sunny Andalusian resting spot. But no matter where it is, sex with the perfect stranger never lacks thrills.

While Andy duty works on his laptop, Max, super-horny and handsome in a dark blue windowpane suit, tries a bit of nasty seduction on workaholic Andy. He takes out his stiff, uncut cock and begins stroking it. Anyone could walk past. Anyone could see him. But Max is so hot for Andy’s beautiful butt nothing else matters. Andy gives Max a slippery blowjob before they get on with superhot fucking. Max explores every single inch of Andy’s gaping hole. And Andy, unable to control himself, rides Max hard and fast, eventually causing both of them to erupt jets of hot cum. Perfect Strangers 2 hit all the right spots

Watch the full scene of “Perfect Strangers 2” at Men at Play

Watch the full scene with Andy Star and Max Duro at Men at Play


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