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Andy Star and Donato Reyes are both drooling over Frank Tyron at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment released a new scene from “Donato Reyes’ Bareback Premiere” today. Frank Tyron is the real deal: he’s a macho Latin hunk with rugged good looks, a rock-hard physique, and a big, fat cock ready to fuck bareback! Andy Star and Donato Reyes love these attributes in a man, and when Frank gets them into a room and strips down, they’re both drooling over the thought of submitting to his Alpha-Male persona. But don’t worry: Frank Tyron has plenty of stamina thick cum in his balls to pound out these two bottom sluts thoroughly.

Watch the full scene of “Donato Reyes’ Bareback Premiere ” at Lucas Entertainment

Watch the full scene with Frank Tyron, Andy Star and Donato Reyes at Lucas Entertainment


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