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Andy Star and Axel Max drain each other’s balls in “About Last Night” from Men at Play

Men at Play released “About Last Night” today. Well-dressed roommates Andy Star and Axel Max renegotiate their arrangement this week in About Last Night. Andy just can’t take it anymore. Axel’s all-night fuck fests with random tricks are keeping him (and his cock) up at night. Unable to sleep, he decides to confront Axel the next day.

These guys need to clear the air, but they’re more interested in draining each other’s balls. After a hot kiss, their cocks come out and each of them takes a turn dropping to his knees to suck the other off. Andy comes out of his ice blue suit to let Axel eat him out, but Axel keeps his gray suit on the entire time as he pounds Andy in the kitchen.

When they move to the living room things go from hot to hotter. Andy rides Axel’s cock then lies on his back and offers up his hole for his roomie, getting the stiff cock and hard fuck he’s been giving lots of guys. The cum flies in great spurts in this vid. About Last Night will be a flick you’ll be talking about for a long time!

Watch the full scene of “About Last Night” at Men at Play


Watch the full scene with Andy Star and Axel Max at Men at Play



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