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Andrey Vic, Rico Marlon double-dick Devin Franco RAW at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment‘s new movie is called “Raw Double Penetrations 07: Jam Packed”. This movie has 4 hot bareback scenes and an epic fuck-fest conclusion. If the cum-dump bottoms of “Raw Double Penetrations 07” behave themselves, they’ll be rewarded by having their asses unforgivingly “Jam Packed”! Andrey Vic moves on to round two, teaming up with Rico Marlon to double-dick Devin Franco.

Cast : Andrey VicAndy StarBen BatemenBogdan GromovBrock MagnusDamon HeartDevin Franco, Javi Velaro, Klim GromovLogan RoguePatrick DeiRico Marlon and Ruslan Angelo

scene 4 wil be released on December 15th 2017

Andrey Vic returns with his fellow Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Rico Marlon to do what he does best: ram the ass of a hungry bottom with two raw dicks at the same time! Devin Franco is the guest of honor as the master of submission. He proves just how able he is to submit here when he takes cock in his mouth and ass at the same time from Rico and Andrey!

Watch the full scene of “Raw Double Penetrations 07: Jam Packed” at Lucas Entertainment

Watch the full scene with Andrey Vic, Rico Marlon and Devin Franco at Lucas Entertainment


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 11, 2017

    Fucking hot sex!

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