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Alex Mecum, Teddy Torres and Derek Bolt in “TSA Checkpoint” part 6 from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion‘s new and hot movie is called “TSA Checkpoint”. This movie from the hands of Steve Cruze has 6 hot scenes and the hottest hunks. TSA Officer Alex Mecum catches Teddy lapping up the last of Lorenzo’s public facial and brings him into custody where Alex and fellow officer Derek Bolt have some fun with the hung stranger that ends with Derek covered in jizz.

“Traveling no longer has be a drag at the airport. Forget the lines and the delays, because when you hit the ‘TSA Checkpoint’ you might just get a hunky agent making you hard in a pat-down or a cock up your ass in a cavity search. Sit back and let passengers, employees, and Federal Agents make sure that your loaded weapon is safe for travel!”

Cast :  Rikk YorkDaymin VossTegan ZayneEddy CeeteeAleks BuldocekLorenzo FlexxBuck RichardsTrent KingAlex MecumDerek Bolt and Teddy Torres 

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TSA Officer Alex Mecum just caught passenger Teddy Torres swapping cum by the men’s room and brings him into custody where fellow TSA Officer Derek Bolt grills Teddy on his dirty fun. When Teddy offers to suck both officer’s cocks, Derek pulls out his dick and lets the horny and handcuffed Teddy give him a blow. After seeing how well Teddy can suck, Alex unzips his uniform so that Teddy can take turns sucking both hunky officers. Derek wants the hung stranger inside his ass and bends over to let him plug his hole…..

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Alex is horned up and takes his turn fucking ass and gets what he needs by slipping his giant dick into Derek’s stretched back door. The horny officer gets spit-roasted with Teddy pounding away on his mouth as Alex continues fucking him from behind. Derek takes a double plunging with a dick in each of his wide-open holes until all three studs use Derek’s hunky body as a canvas to splatter his chest and pubes white.

Watch the full scene of “TSA Checkpoint” part 6 at Raging Stallion

Watch the full scene with Alex Mecum, Teddy Torres and Derek Bolt at Raging Stallion


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