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Aiden Hart is unable to resist Scott Demarco’s charm in “Earning My Keep” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Earning My Keep” today. Scott Demarco and Aiden Hart are sitting in bed discussing their future vacation to Italy. Aiden asks Scott if he has been saving his money as he said he would and Scott admits that he might have to borrow some from him. Annoyed, Aiden tells Scott he needs to stop spending so much money on nice clothes.

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Unable to resist Scott’s charm, Aiden tells him that if he gives him the fuck of his life he will spot him the funds for the trip. Scott starts out sucking Aiden’s cock and he makes sure to take all of it down his throat. Aiden then sucks Scott’s big cock and he too Deep Throats it to the hilt. Scott then rims Aiden’s ass while Aiden continues to suck his cock. Aiden then climbs on top of Scott and rides his cock like a champ with his beautiful ass. They fuck in several positions until Scott cannot hold back and he shoots his load all over Aiden who eagerly wipes it up with his fingers and eats it. Scott then feeds his cock to Aiden as he jerks himself off and then eats his own cum.

Watch the full scene of “Earning My Keep” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Scott Demarco and Aiden Hart at Pride Studios


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