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Dr. Jace Chambers fucks Aiden Hart in “My Partner the Proctologist” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “My Partner the Proctologist” today. Aiden Hart is let into the exam room at the hospital and he is wearing a hospital gown that is open in the back exposing his beautiful round ass. Jace Chambers, who is the Dr., comes into the room and begins his exam. He starts by putting on a glove and feeling the exterior area of Aiden’s ass. He then lubes up his fingers and as he inserts them into Aiden’s ass, we hear him moan with pleasure. Noticing this, Jace continues to finger pleasure Aiden for a while before using his tongue to give him more pleasure.

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Aiden then turns around and pulls out Jace’s big cock and immediately starts deep throating him. Jace then bends Aiden over the table and fucks him. With every thrust, Aiden moans and begs for more. Jace then climbs on the table and Aiden rides his cock like a champ. Jace then rolls him to his back and fucks him until he cannot hold back and pulls out and shoots his load onto Aiden. Aiden then continues to suck Jace’s cock as he jerks himself off. Both exhausted, Jace tells Aiden that he better get him and do their laundry and he needs to get back to work. You see, they are lovers and this is one of their fantasy role play days!

Watch the full scene of “My Partner the Proctologist” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Jace Chambers and Aiden Hart at Pride Studios


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 5, 2018

    Aiden Hart’s getting a Jace Chambers treat!

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