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Adin Smith rides Zane Taylor’s cock in “Blossoming Romance” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Blossoming Romance”  with Zane Taylor and Adin Smith today. They begin making out with each other in the back yard before they move inside to the bedroom to take their new romance to the next level. Once their clothes come off they start making love very intimately. They take turns blowing each other before moving into a 69.

Adin then climbs on top of Zane and rides his cock. Zane then spoons Adin and continues fucking him. Adin then rims Zane and fucks him doggy style for a while before flipping him onto his back. They fuck until Zane explodes with cum and then Adin does the same.

Watch the full scene of “Blossoming Romance” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Zane Taylor and Adin Smith at Pride Studios


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